1. If you run a linux server you can use cURL with a Cron job set to every minute to get the IP address. Create a new script in your favorite scripting language.
  2. Make sure you “chmod +x” (make the .zsh or .sh is an executable) before running.
  3. For Bash the top shebang line is #!/bin/bash and .zsh is #!/bin/zsh.
  4. Setup a Cron job on your server to run every minute. *Note, setting up a Cron job can change depending on your hosting provider. One way is to SSH into your server via the command line and type crontab -e. To run a Bash script every minute it would look like this:
    • * * * * * sh /home/somedirectory/myscript.sh
  5. Go back to MyDevice panel and make sure you’re getting the “pings.”