Your IP Address is: 2a00:6800:3:b9e::1

MyIPNotify’s free service let’s you know when your IP changes or when your computer goes offline. Plain and simple. Like Dynamic DNS, tracks the public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of a computer but utilizes HEAD requests using an app like Ping Uptime Monitor (Mac), cURL (Linux, Mac, Win), and Task Scheduler (Win.) It’s like you’re sitting there clicking “refresh” on a browser with given intervals using your app of choice. If the computer IP changes and persists longer than your set interval in the device panel it will log the history of the IP change and email you—but only if you want; it’s completely customizable. It can even detect if no response has been received from a server and send an offline notification for computers like servers. Examples with instructions for cURL, and PING Uptime Monitor can be found here.

Why vs. Dynamic DNS?

MyIPNotify.comDynamic DNS
Router-free dynamic IP address notifications.Router must support dynamic DNS!
Can track the individual IPv6 & IPv4 public addresses of each machine.Can only track the “public” IP of the router.
Multiple email address support for your friends or colleges. No multiple email address support.
Offline notifications when machine stops “pinging” Good for servers.Can’t detect when a machine is unreachable but only when public IP changes on router.
Can track IP address change on a machine even when you travel or are on a different network / router! Cannot track the public IP changes when your machine like a laptop connects to a different router.
Track the history of public IP changes.No historical log of public IP history.
Fully customizable device dashboard to reduce the amount of emails sent or received from each device…or no emails at all. Will still track public IPs of machines. Must login to a router to change settings on the same network. An often intimidating task for many users. How often do you login to your router?
API—other applications can fetch the public IPs of a machine. No API support.


  • Now Free!
  • Access to Devices Dashboard
  • Track Multiple Devices
  • IPv6 & IPv4 Change Notifications
  • Ping Detection Notifications
  • Online & Offline Notifications
  • Send Notifications to 3 Different Emails
  • Custom Time Zones for Devices
  • IPv4 & IPv6 History Table
  • Receive Device Offline Notifications
  • Access to API – HTML, JSON, TXT, XML
  • Custom Timeout Settings
  • Delete Unused Devices and All Historical Data